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I would like to start our introduction by explaining our name “Shreshth Care”. Shreshth is a Sanskrit word. The word describes a person who is superior in behavior, thoughts and ethics. A person, who behaves with integrity, is progressive and held in high esteem by everyone in the community.

In short a person who is simply THE BEST.

Hence we selected this name as our core values are reflected in it. 

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Our Story

Our core values

Customer satisfaction – Customers are our assets. Their satisfaction (with our products) and their trust (in ‘Shreshth’) is our goal.

Honesty & Integrity – Honesty is always the best policy.

Quality – Best quality is the quality of our ‘Shreshth’ products.

Innovation - Innovation is progress

Eco friendly – Respect for ourselves, our community, our country and, most importantly, our EARTH.


So how did this journey start?

It all started with a quest to find a solution for sensitive skin problems. I am a mechanical engineer who was happy working in research and development of automotive industry. But then i had my baby and moved to a new place with hard water and pollution along with my family. The glow of pregnancy turned to stress of new motherhood. That stress was very evident on my sensitive skin. Being from a technical background and research being my forte, I set out to find solutions for my problem. After a lot of research and months of reading and contemplating I started making soaps.

Why soaps?

That is the most basic skincare product we use. I learnt how soaps we used had surfactants, foam boosters and other products which were drying for the skin. Hence after my research I made my first batch with natural oils and herbs and was pleasantly surprised with how my and my family’s skin benefited from it. After more than 3 years of making soaps, using them, gifting to friends and family and listening and incorporating their feedback and seeing the benefits for all skin types, we bring you Shreshth Care soaps and skin care. Soapmaking as I have stated earlier is a science as well as art. India is a beautiful diverse country. Hence I tried to adapt the soaps to suit its tropical climate.


We use natural, organic ingredients with herbs, spices and fruits extracts to give added benefits to the soap. We use eco-friendly paper packaging, even our stickers are paper stickers and the bag used for shipping is bio degradable bags. Each product is made after extensive research. We have used ingredients which are Eco cert approved. Our products have the power of Ayurveda backed by Science. They are safe & gentle on skin. We always recommend doing a patch test as each product contains many actives ( keeping with our minimalistic skincare policy)


We strive to bring you more such quality skincare products.



Contact Us

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